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Bill Shackleton

Thomas William Shackleton (Bill) 1/6/1929 - 29/12/2013


Bill was born to John and Winifred Shackleton in Thornton near Bradford on the 1st June 1929.  He was brought up by two Norwegian aunts after the death of his parents at an early age.

Bill attended Belle Vue Grammar School in Bradford.  After leaving school, aged 15, Bill worked in electrical retail before being called up for National Service.  He served with the Royal Signals, becoming fluent with morse code which he remembered for the rest of his life.

In 1948, Bill met Dorothy Fairclough at his local youth club.  They were married four years later on 25th April 1953 at Thornton Parish Church.

After getting married, they moved to Wilsden and then bought their first home in Bingley.  Their daughter, Gillian, was born on 20th August 1964.  Two years later, in 1966, the family moved to Eldwick.

Bill worked for many years as a sales representative in the plastics industry, a job which took him all over the country.

He had many interests, including jewelry making, history, family history, crown green bowls and, he was a great cook (made a brilliant pork pie and chilli pickles).

  Bill resplendent dressed in his Referee uniform at Myrtle Park

After his retirement, he trained as bowls coach, referee and, was an enthusiastic, committed and popular playing member of Myrtle Park Bowls Club.  Bill had periods of captaining the Bradford Monday Evening and Aire-Wharfe Weds afternoon teams to good effect.  In his time with Myrtle, he won the Upton Cup three times and the Alf Fowler Pairs twice.

Bill pictured with Myrtle's Salts Winter Team in 2008/09

In his latter years with the club, Bill suffered ill health and had a number of operations.  Despite this, Bill was usually at the side of the green, supporting the players and teams on inspite of being unable to play himself.  Bill proved to be a true, loyal and much loved member of the club and spent many happy hours at the club.

After Dorothys death in 1999, Bill moved to Falkland Court which was but a stones throw from his beloved green at Myrtle Park.

In the course of his research into the family history, Bill met the Great Grandson of Sir Ernest Shackleton and discovered he was distantly related to the famous explorer.

Bill was a loving father, Grandad to Lizzie, brother in law, uncle and great uncle.

Bill will always be remembered as a wonderful man who had a love for life right up until the end.  Indeed, he was at a Christmas party at Falkland Court when he was taken ill and sadly died four days later.

God bless you Bill, rest in peace



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