Monday A Team

Myrtle Park Monday A Team

The Bradford team was very successful in the late 1990's and 2000's and winning the Bradford 1st Division title in 1996.  Unfortunately, the team broke up a few years after this success and the club withdrew the A Team from the league.  The B Team were in Division 6 and stayed in this division after the A Team withdrew.  This was a good concession by the league as many of the B Team would have been out of their depth if they had been forced to take the A Team's place.

Bill Shackleton held the team together and got the team promoted in 2005 to Division 5. Pete Hepworth took over the reins in 2007 and the team immediately gained a place in Division 4.  A season of consolidation and another promotion was achieved in 2009.  After another 2 years of consolidation the team won Division 3 in 2011.  Another amazing season in 2012 and Myrtle A won the Divison 2 title under the stewardship of Chris Bridge.  The loss of 3 players, including the Captain led to a season of struggle and we finished next to bottom of Division 1.  Back under the Captaincy of Pete Hepworth and the team won the Division 2 title in 2015. Myrtle A will be aiming to consolidate their  place back at the top table in 2016.



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